Blue Full Moon ~ 31st August 2012 ~ 2:58pm BST

We are very lucky this month to have a second, therefore Blue Full Moon! The first Full Moon in August was on the 3rd therefore, as the second Full Moon in the same Solar Month, this is the Blue Full Moon. Also, this is in fact the second Blue Moon this year, the first being a Blue New Moon, which was the second New Moon to take place in the sign of Gemini in June, the first New Moon in Gemini being a Solar Eclipe! Therefore this particular Blue Full Moon is a doubly unique & a very fortunate event indeed!

The Blue Full Moon takes place at the time above in the UK, with the Moon at 8° Pisces & the Sun opposing at 8° Virgo. Interestingly, this Blue Full Moon is making a square to the position of the earlier Blue New Moon & Solar Eclipse Axis, thus we are now mid-way through this Eclipse cycle. It may be worth looking back to what happened around that time in June. The dreams, projects & lessons brought about back then may now be reaching culmination, or things that were put aside then may now make a re-appearance. Also since my last report, the Lunar Nodes have just retrograded from across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, to now being across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, thus we are now moving into a new Eclipse cycle which climaxes in November when the next new Eclipse Season begins. Also the ongoing Grand Cross involving the Nodes (as mentioned in previous reports) is still in effect, but as the Nodes have now shifted, the emphasis of the Grand Cross will now become a bit different, as the energy has shifted from Mutable to Fixed. Aspects for the new Fixed Grand Cross are as follows ~ North Node in Scorpio opposite South Node & Black Moon Lilith in Taurus square Mercury in Leo opposite asteroid Lilith, which has also just retrograded back into Aquarius. Therefore long-term projects & dreams are highlighted now & may now begin to be brought into physical manifestation in spite of any previous adversity. This will also shift the focus of learning from the divine inspirations & expansion of consciousness (Gemini-Sagittarius) to the translation of these aspirations into actual physical reality & nurturing of the body & soul (Taurus-Scorpio). Hopefully this will be felt as a smooth shift in the energies, as the lovely Pisces Full Moon helps us ‘go with the flow’ & gently eases the way with this subtle transition.

Aspects being made to the Moon will undoubtedly give this already powerful Blue Full Moon even more extra significance! The Blue Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune & Chiron, sextile to Pluto & trine Mars, all nice harmonious aspects which will give this Moon a lovely pleasant feeling, which allows you to unwind, relax & feel contented & at peace with yourself. You may feel as if you wish to take a vacation, or just have some time out to yourself, away from the usual hectic pace of life. Meditation or dreaming in solitude & silence will help you tune into the essence of your soul & you may feel yourself merge with the infinite, as if you’re just a tiny drop in the vast sea of the unconsciousness, waiting to become…

Another interesting formation happening now is a Yod, or ‘Finger of God’ aspect ~ Sun in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus & Pallas Athena in Aries. As this Yod is pointing towards Uranus & Pallas Athena, we may feel a strong sudden urge to break-free of all current restrictions & to seek freedom, independence & truth, thus once again implying the need to escape the real world for some much needed solitude & ‘me time!’

Hopefully, whether the voyage is physical, such as a trip or vaction somewhere new & exciting, or just in the mind & spirit through meditation & visualization, you will return feeling refreshed & reinvigorated of body mind & soul. Allow yourself to escape & surrender to the Infinite Oneness of the Universe & remember to dream sweetly!

Love & light