New Moon in Gemini

Sunday 24th May 2009

1:13pm BST ~ 8:11am EST



The forthcoming New Moon will be taking place at the times & date stated above with the Sun conjunct the Moon at 3 degrees Gemini.

The activation of Gemini by the New Moon will give you the urge to connect & communicate, therefore this will be a time of many phone calls, letters, emails & meetings with like-mined people & the sharing of thoughts & ideas. There is a restless search for knowledge & the truth, which may urge you to undertake a new course of study, or it will ignite your desire to increase your intellectual capabilities through absorbing as much information as possible.

This urge is strengthened by the conjunction of  Neptune, Jupiter & Chiron in Aquarius, which is encouraging the desire to expand your thinking & broaden your horizons by learning ways in which we can heal ourselves & others. This can manifest as a never-ending Quest for the truth & spiritual knowledge. The truths you learn now can set you free & now is the time to both share & accumulate the knowledge required in order for healing & change to occur.

However, we are currently experiencing the effects of Mercury Retrograde, which rules Gemini. The retrograde motion began on 7th May. This is particularly significant; as the current retrograde cycle began at the same degree the New Moon is taking place (3 degrees Gemini). At the time of the New Moon, Mercury would have retrograded back to 24 degrees Taurus. The retrograde cycle ends on 31st May & Mercury will return to 3 degrees Gemini on 16th June. Therefore, this period of time will be like a ‘gestation’ period where ideas & personal values can be revised & reviewed. This can also be a time of contemplation & inner communication which gives you an idea of where you really are right now & where you might like to be in the future. As the New Moon is taking place in the middle of this retrograde cycle, at the degree Mercury went retrograde, the ideas which will best suit your intellectual growth & enhance emotional intelligence will be illuminated, or the ideas which are no longer of any use may be discarded at this time. These ideas will be re-emphasised by Mercury when he moves direct at the end of the month & returns to this degree in June.

An interesting aspect being made to the New Moon is a Yod: Sun & Moon sextile South Node quincunx Pluto. This aspect will further emphasize the transformational effects of this New Moon; however as it making a tense angle, the feeling may be one of ‘purging’ outmoded & unhelpful ideas & values, which may have had their roots in past-life experiences, as indicated by the South Node. Be assured, however, that these old experiences & values are being cleared out of your system in order to make way for new & more useful ways of thinking & being, which will be initiated by the New Moon.

Another exciting formation is being made with the New Moon, involving the following Goddess Asteroids: Sun & Moon opposite Hekate square Ceres opposite Persephone. This is particularly significant, as the Goddesses Persephone, Ceres & Hekate represent Maiden, Mother & Crone respectively & it is these particular Goddesses which were revered in Ancient Times through the Rituals of the Eleusinian Mysteries. This signifies that this is a great time for the empowerment of women, whichever stage of the journey through life she may be at. The transformational ‘rites of passage’ for women are being activated by the New Moon & lived out on the inner psychic planes. There could be much sharing of knowledge & experience between women of all ages, which will further the empowerment of individual women. (Further information about the Goddess Asteroids will be available on this site in the near future.)

In summary, the New Moon in Gemini will activate the mental processes & encourage you to make new contacts & communications, as well as learning & sharing knowledge with others. Make note of any ideas & inspirations that come to you at this time, as they may be the key to your future transformation & freedom.

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