Flower Full Moon in Scorpio

Saturday 9th May 2009
5:02am BST ~ 12:01am EST

The upcoming Full Moon will be taking place at the time & date stated above with the Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio, opposite the Sun at 19 degrees Taurus.

On a mundane level, the Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight the issues around financial investments & joint finances (with business or personal partners) which are of particular importance during these times of economic flux & you may feel the need to review & revise your finances at this time.

On a more personal level, the Scorpio Full Moon will bring focus on deep seated emotions & feelings which are usually kept buried deep within the psyche. Therefore, this could be an intense & emotionally turbulent time as you become faced with the dark, shadow aspects of the self, for example anger, aggression, jealousy & possessiveness. In its projected form, you may become the victim of anger & aggression of other people or you may draw people to you who have an unusually intense & powerful effect upon you, which in turn causes you to experience moods & feeling which are intense yet unusual for you to feel. The point is that unusual, powerful feelings will be brought to the surface, which may cause conflict within yourself or with others around you. This could go on to cause emotional turmoil & confusion. However, these volatile emotions should not be repressed or denied expression, as withholding them would just further the potential damage such volatile energies can cause.

Instead, this is time where you can learn to channel these powerful emotions in a way that is constructive, by recognising that repression only further ignites inner turmoil & expression provides release. Your feelings are your inner guidance & the emotions being brought to the surface are informing you of where you need to make changes in your life in order to become free.

This great transformational power is at your disposal during this most powerful of Full Moons, which has the added potency of being part of a Grand Sextile Formation. (See chart above) This Grand Sextile involves the following planetary bodies (in anti-clockwise direction): Sun, Pallas Athena, Saturn, Moon, Black Moon Lilith & Juno. This Grand Water/Earth Sextile has a great emphasis on the Power of the Feminine, therefore the impact will be felt more greatly by women. All 3 phases of womanhood are represented in this formation, Maiden, Mother & Crone as Pallas Athena, Juno & Black Moon Lilith respectively. Therefore, this will be an exceptionally transformational time for women. For men, the effect may be that they experience this energy through an encounter with a powerful female, who causes then to change their attitude towards the feminine in some way. The Grand Sextile Formation offers the opportunity bring the volatile energies that have been activated by the Full Moon into harmony & balance, through integration of the dark, shadow Scorpionic aspects with the conscious self, thereby helping you to become whole & complete.

Environmentally, the Scorpio Full Moon is likely to bring great storms & rainy weather, which will in turn cause the flowers & trees to grow with abundance, hence the name, Flower or Blossom Full Moon.

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