Solstice New Moon

Monday 22nd June 2009

8:36pm BST ~ 3:35pm EST

This months New Moon took place at the time & date above, with the Sun & Moon at 2 degrees Cancer.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances which resulted from this powerful New Moon, I have been unable to write this report until now. Better late than never!

The potency of this New Moon comes from an extremely tense opposition from Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, which rules the sign of Scorpio, is the planet of taboos, power struggles & abuse, manipulation, sex, death & regeneration. In opposition to the New Moon, Pluto reveals all the dark undercurrents in your life & brings them all to the surface, often in a violent emotional explosion. All that has been kept hidden deep within, all taboo subjects & traumatic experiences re-surface. All the skeletons come out of the closet. This can result in a complete crisis situation, where you feel the rug has been pulled out from under you & your life is falling apart. You may become the victim (or perpetrator) in a ‘life or death’ power struggle, where you are battling for control of a situation or person in your life that you have lost control of. You may even feel as if the whole world is against you & you are unable to cope with this present crisis.

However, no matter how destructive the powers of Pluto in Capricorn may be, only that which needs to be destroyed in your life will be. All out-dated & out-moded patterns of being or situations that have out-lived their usefulness in your life & are no longer serving you in a productive way will now be destroyed. This purging began with the last New Moon in Gemini, which was quincunx Pluto (150 degrees apart). The purging which began then (24th May) will now take on a ‘Do or Die!’ quality which cannot be ignored.

As the New Moon took place in Cancer, the crisis situation could take place within your home & domestic environment or with members of your family. In particular, you may have issues with your mother or father & memories of traumatic childhood or past life experiences. It will have a great impact on you, your identity & emotions & may shake you to the core of you being. However, all this will force you towards making the inevitable changes & transformation required in order to be released from the manipulation of power & control of others.

Within the abyss of the Plutonic underworld, there are treasures to be found. The current breakdown can be transmuted into a breakthrough. Survival through the present crisis will bring you much self-will, determination & courage to make the changes necessary to improve your life. Release from all current heavy-duty emotional investments will free you to take complete control of your life & give you the drive to move forward towards a more genuine & complete expression of yourself.

Thus, with the Plutonic death of turmoil & crisis, we have the promise of new birth & hope from the New Moon. It will take great courage & emotional strength, but with hope & determination, your chance at a new life, free from the control & manipulation of others, will be the reward for all the pain & trauma that is released now. Best of luck with it!

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