Mead Full Moon

Sunday 7th June 2009

7:13pm BST ~ 2:12pm EST

The Full Moon will be taking place at the date & times stated above, with the Sun at 17 degrees Gemini opposing the Moon at 17 degrees Sagittarius.

Following the activation of Gemini by the previous New Moon, you may have felt inspired to begin a new course of study or to expand you mind in some way. With the Full Moon now taking place in the opposing sign of Sagittarius, your plans to increase your intelligence will now begin to bear fruit. As Sagittarius is the ruling sign of Higher Education & philosophical pursuits, your desire to learn may now be given a great boost in a positive direction by the energies of this Full Moon. Studying & exposure to new ideas & concepts that are both expansive & liberating are likely at this time.

Also, as Sagittarius rules long-distance travel, you may feel a restless urge to escape the mundane reality of daily life & travel to some far distance place where you can experience life that is culturally different to your own. Therefore, this is a great time to plan for your summer vacation, especially if the destination you wish to travel is both new & inspiring for you.

Full Moon in Sagittarius will also highlight your spiritual aspirations at this time. This spiritual urge is given further emphasis now due to the ongoing conjunction by Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) with Neptune & Chiron in Aquarius. As was mentioned for the Gemini New Moon, when this conjunction began (see post below), you will feel an urge to expand you spiritual horizons & learn new ways in which you can heal yourself & others. However, since the New Moon, both Neptune & Chiron have both turned retrograde, which will be followed by the retrograde motion of Jupiter on 15th June. This will have the effect of turning the energies of this powerful conjunction ‘inwards’, thus enabling you to broaden your ‘inner vision’ & to connect with your higher spiritual self. Meditation at this time will certainly be enlightening & will help you connect to your inner wisdom, which may also reveal the ‘answers’ you have been searching for.

However, there is a tense aspect being made to the Sun-Moon opposition by Saturn, which is squaring the Full Moon axis. This aspect is setting up a Mutable T-Square formation, with the empty leg in Pisces. This is a difficult pattern due to the imbalance of energies caused by the empty leg (the position that has no planet, in this case, Pisces). The empty leg provides the focus for the energies of the 3 planets which make up the T-Square formation, thus in this case, the emphasis will be on the spiritual side of life. This particular formation, Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius, square Saturn in Virgo, could mean your dreams for intellectual or spiritual freedom may be challenged by the practical reality of your present situation. Saturn’s long transition through Virgo has given us all the opportunity to reconstruct our physical realities in a more practically useful way. With Saturn’s square to the Full Moon axis, our spiritual aspirations are under the scrutiny of Saturn & therefore will be tested for validity. Only the most pure & reliable of spiritual constructs will survive this testing, as Saturn clears the way of everything that has outlived its usefulness in your life. This may be felt as a great loss, especially if that which is lost is a deeply held belief system or spiritual outlook. However, Saturn only clears the way of the ‘deadwood’ in order to make way for new & more constructive spiritual structures & philosophical beliefs.

Another, more positive, aspect being made during this Full Moon is a trine from Pluto in Capricorn to Mars & Venus in Taurus. This is a very pleasant aspect that may give you the urge to physically express your feelings in a sensual & possibly erotic way! Therefore, it is great for those already in loving relationships to physically express themselves & to reconnect with their partners in a deeply sensual way. For those not in partnerships, the energy of this trine may inspire you to take steps towards meeting a new partner & help you decide what criteria you would wish for in your perfect partner. Combined with the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon, it may be possible that you may find your new love whilst abroad on holiday, or your new lover may be of foreign origin. Alternatively, you may feel inspired to fulfil your quest for love through travel to places which inspire you to expand you horizons. Whichever way this energy manifests, something you love will be illuminated & the opportunity to attain it is given to you at the time of the Full Moon. It certainly should be an exciting time!

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