Blue New Moon

Blue New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

22nd July 2009

3:35am BST

This months exciting New Moon takes place in the UK at the date & time stated above. In the USA, the New Moon takes place on 21st July at 10:34pm EST.

What makes this New Moon particularly exciting is that, firstly it is the second New Moon to take place in the sign of Cancer, hence making this a Blue New Moon. (The first Cancer New Moon took place on 22nd June, see Solstice New Moon report for further information.) Secondly, this New Moon is making an almost exact conjunction to the South Node, therefore making this a Total Solar Eclipse, which is the second phase of the current Eclipse cycle we are experiencing. The Total Solar Eclipse may be seen from India, China & parts of the Pacific Ocean.

As this is the second Eclipse on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the focus will once again be on the balance between your work & home life. The first Cancer New Moon would have initiated a potential crisis situation within your home & family life. The Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn would have brought the focus upon your work & professional life & what your true destiny in this life may be. Now, with the second New Moon in this sign (which is also the second Eclipse along this axis) resolution of the problems which came to light with the previous two Lunar phases, regarding balancing professional & domestic situations, may now be achieved.

An interesting pattern which I have noticed with the previous two New Moons (22nd June & 24th May) & this New Moon are the tense connections that have been made to Pluto. The first, on the 24th May, was a quincunx from the New Moon in Gemini to Pluto in Capricorn. As was mentioned in the report for this New Moon, the quincunx was representative of a stage of purging any outmoded ideas & values, from this or previous lives. The second New Moon on 22nd June was opposite Pluto, which therefore intensified the purging experience & brought all hidden issues to the surface to be dealt with urgency & immediacy & which could not be ignored. Now, with this New Moon, we once again have a quincunx to Pluto, which represents the final stage of this purging experience. Now is the time to finally let go of everything that has been holding you back & free yourself from the shackles of previous lives or experiences, in order to recreate yourself anew.

Another pattern that has become apparent is the connections with this New Moon & the previous Full Moon to Lilith. As was mentioned for the Full Moon, both Asteroid Lilith & Black Moon Lilith were making tense connections to the Full Moon axis. (See Thunder Full Moon report for further details.) With this New Moon, a similar energy is apparent, as the Sun & Moon are conjunct Asteroid Lilith & opposed by Black Moon Lilith. However, with this New Moon the third aspect of Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, is also conjunct the Sun, Moon & Asteroid Lilith. Dark Moon Lilith represents the Mother phase of Lilith, as Asteroid Lilith represents the Maiden phase & Black Moon Lilith represents the Crone phase. As was mentioned in the previous report, Asteroid Lilith shows where we may receive a wound or face rejection. Dark Moon Lilith represents the experience of exile following rejection & the feelings of pain & anguish which result from the alienation & demonization experienced. Black Moon Lilith is the final stage where healing & transmutation from darkness into light can be achieved. With Asteroid & Dark Moon Lilith conjunct the New Moon & Solar Eclipse, issues of rejection & exile will be highlighted & the shadow aspects of the self will be activated & brought to the surface with great intensity & power. As the Sun falls under the shadow of the Moon, with Asteroid & Dark Moon Lilith in alignment, it will be impossible to ignore the rise of the shadow from deep within yourself. The shadows may seem overpowering & overwhelming as we are plunged into darkness & are forced to face the fear & pain that arises as a result of Totality. However, the Total Solar Eclipse will only last a few moments & the light will once again return, bringing with it hope of renewal after a period of darkness. Also, as the Eclipse is opposed by Black Moon Lilith, we are given the opportunity to transform the darkness that has arisen into light & achieve healing from all the pain & torment experienced.

With the combined powers of the Total Solar Eclipse, the three Liliths & Pluto, great transformation & regeneration can be achieved. As this is the final stage of the various cycles mentioned above, now is the time the final stages of purging negative emotions & experiences & healing the shadow aspects of the self must be done. It truly is a magical time, if only you can harness the power of the moment & face all the pain & fears that have been holding you back & let them go, once & for all. It will take a great leap of faith to leave behind the all the darkness you have been carrying within & step forth into the light, but the rewards gained from achieving this, will make this a pivotal & potent time in your life. Wishing you the best of luck to you with it!

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