New Moon in Scorpio ~ 26th October 2011 ~ 8:55pm BST

Today it is Diwali, the Indian festival of light, which is always celebrated at the time of the new Moon & the following day is Indian New Year. The new Moon tonight will be taking place at 8:55pm BST with both the Sun & Moon at 3′ Scorpio.

Interesting aspects happening at the time of the New Moon will have a significant effect for the year to come.

Most notably, Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance & benevolence will be opposing the New Moon, which denotes a very prosperous, bountiful & lucky year ahead!

Another more challenging aspect is a T-sqaure ~ Mars in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius square Venus & Mercury in Scorpio. This could indicate a challenging time within partnerships, relationships & friendships, as old karmic issues which have not been fully resolved in the past, once again make an appearance or repeat themselves, in order for then to be healed & resolved once & for all. These are very testing times, so it may feel as if there is a crisis situation with a ‘do or die!’ influence. It could feel very dangerous as feelings, thoughts or events that have occurred in the past once again rear their ‘ugly heads’. Please do not be discouraged by this! It all all a test to see if you have really learned the lessons of past mistakes & it is an opportunity to finally resolve & heal the patterns that are emerging at this time once & for all, so as not to repeat the same mistakes in the future & to be free to let them go & move on.

The empty leg of the T-square & therefore the resolution to these events is in Taurus. Therefore, resolution can be gained by grounding yourself & being fully ‘in your body’. This too may feel dangerous, especially if the old way of dealing with these issues was to avoid them, ‘sweep them under the carpet’ or just by going ‘out of your body’. Rest assured that the influence of Jupiter in Taurus is giving you this opportunity in order to let go of all the negative karma of the past, so you may grow & evolve into a more true & genuine expression of yourself. Also, the Taurean influence means there is a very ‘tribal’ energy, which will hopefully help you to connect with others who belong in your true ‘soul tribe’. It is through this connection that you may further yourself & your tribe into the future. The tribe is all those who truly support you in all you wish to achieve for yourself & will help you become an truly authentic & unique individual. Those that ‘fall away’ at this time are the people that no longer serve you & are actually holding you back from evolving & becoming your true self. It may feel like ‘death’ as all the old is cleared away by destructive forces, but it is all for your highest good & to allow the space for something new & much more fulfilling to enter your life. It is all good Karmic work & will help you achieve your soul purpose in the new year ahead!

So here is wishing you all the very best of luck for your journey ahead & a very Happy Diwali & a prosperous Indian New Year!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share your New Moon experiences below. 🙂


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