Sagittarius Solar Eclipse ~ 25th November 2011 ~ 6:09am GMT

Today, we began our third Eclipse season of 2011. This New Moon & Solar Eclipse took place at 6:09am GMT, with the Sun & Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius. The Saros Cycle for this family of Eclipses is North 14, which can herald a period of confusion, unexpected happenings & an inability to make important decisions. By taking a look at the aspects being made at the time of the eclipse, we can see how best to handle the conflicting & confusing energies arising at this time.

Firstly, an aspect which has been in play since the 11/11/11 Full Moon, is a very potent Earth Kite formation. A Kite is made up of a Grand Trine, with an extra ‘Kite’ point. The Grand Earth Trine ~ Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, with Kite Point Chiron in Pisces (opposite Mars) This Kite began on 11/11/11 & is still in effect during this Eclipse. This Kite has brought to light any physical health problems, which may have been hindering your progress in some way & therefore has given us all the opportunity to resolve these health issues once & for all & achieve physical release & healing.

The next important aspect is a Mutable T-Square, once again involving Mars in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces, which is also forming a square to the Sun & Moon at the time of the Eclipse. This, once again, highlights the physical problems that have been brought to light on 11/11/11 & the healing process that would have begun at that time, but with the square to the Eclipse, it has been re-illuminated in order for you to see how this healing relates to your spiritual journey at this time. It may be that you have been unable to fully achieve the freedom your soul requires in order to thrive, thus highlighting some aspect of your life that has ‘hobbled’ you in some way & needs to be radically changed in order for you to achieve this freedom now & to move on. The ’empty leg’ & therefore the resolution to this T-Square is in Gemini, thus the way to resolve the issues being brought to light is to be fully conscious of this process & to communicate with you friends & family, so you may receive the help & support you need at this life-changing time.

The final significant aspect taking place is a rather nice Grand Fire Trine ~ Sun & Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries trine asteroid Eros in Leo. This is the most favorable formation happening at the time of the Eclipse & gives us some much needed hope following all the turmoil brought about by the previous two formations as discussed above! With the trine between the Sun & Moon to Uranus, we are finally becoming awake & aware of our true spiritual natures & what our soul requires in order to feel free & soar to new, exciting & inspiring heights! If we also include the lovely trine to asteroid Eros in Leo, we are being given a great oppertunity to discover what truly makes our hearts sing with joy & what we love & are genuinely passionate about & want more of in our lives from here on in.

So to summarize, the physical ailments brought to your awareness at 11/11/11 & that are still being processed now, have done so in order to be healed & are in fact the stumbling blocks which have prevented you from fully achieving what your souls wishes to achieve in this lifetime. By clearing & healing all these old residual karmic wounds, we can achieve wholeness, well-being & self-healing. The next phase of this journey will become apparent at the time of the next Lunar Eclipse in Gemini in 2 weeks time. (Watch this space!)

May the lightening bolt of spiritual comprehension destroy all error & ignorance, leaving only love, truth & light in it’s wake!


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