Black Moon Lilith ingress into Taurus

Following Lilith’s sojourn through Aries since March. As Lilith entered Aries in conjunction with Uranus, this denoted a time of re-awakening of the Great Dark Goddess & gave us all the opportunity to re-connect with, accept & intergrate all deeply hidden shadow aspects of the self. As Aries is ruled by Mars, this 9 month ‘conception’ could have denoted a time of great conflict & strife as the ‘acceptable masculine’ & ‘rejected feminine’ parts of self fought for dominance & power & challenged us to deal with our issues with courage & determination.

With Black Moon Lilith ingress into Taurus, we now have the opportunity to ground all the highly charged energy of Lilith in Aries & begin to make manifest all of our deeply hidden talents & abilities that were brought to light during Lilith’s conception time. As Lilith is in conjunction with Jupiter at the time of ingress into Taurus, we may find ourselves blessed with benevolence & good fortune, as we bravely allow our true selves to shine in wholeness & completion. Jupiter in Taurus also allows us to visualize & therefore manifest the next step on our spiritual journey & imparts us with the freedom to choose the next stage of personal evolution. With Jupiter conjunction to Lilith, we can allow our personal darkness into the light & achieve healing & acceptance.

The Great Dark Goddess Lilith is re-awakened & is re-birthing lost & rejected parts of self, so you may become whole & a more authentic version of yourself & act with courage & fearlessness in the face of any adversity & challenge. Lilith in Taurus is Gaia & all the Great Mother Earth Goddesses, pregnant with possibility & potential for the future. Re-exclamation the Dark Goddess within. ♥


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