Dragon New Moon ~ 23rd January 2012 ~ 7:39am GMT

Happy Dragon New Moon & Chinese New Year of the Black Water Dragon!

The Dragon New Moon chart gives us an indication of the Chinese New Year to come. Most significantly, all the planets are still moving direct, which is a great sign that good progress can be made in all areas of your life this year & with the inspirational energies of the mighty dragon behind us, it is set to be an exciting & adventurous year ahead!

Astrologically speaking, the Dragon New Moon is at 2º Aquarius in the first house of the self. The Aquarian influence is both highly energetic & exciting, which works synergistically with the similar inspirational, high vibration energies of the dragon, thus making this a doubly potent time to set your new year intentions for everything you wish to accomplish this year. Aquarius also rules groups, friends & society, therefore this is also a good time to meet new people & create groups of like-minded individuals who share your dreams & intentions. However, this could also be a time when old friends & acquaintances who no longer serve a purpose in your life fall away, in order to make room for new exciting people to enter your life. Holding on to people, patterns or things which are no longer part of your higher purpose will only cause suffering, whereas letting go with love will allow you the freedom to choose new people or things which more accurately reflect who you are today. It may also be possible that people or things that you have let go in the past may come back into your life, as now is the time for creating all the right connections, old & new, which can be both exciting & terrifying at the same time!

The most significant aspect being made to the New Moon is a T-square: Saturn in Libra opposite Jupiter & Black Moon Lilith in Taurus square Sun & Moon in Aquarius. The tense opposition between Jupiter & Saturn can be related to feelings of both expanding & contracting simultaneously. Jupiter wishes to be wild & free, yet Saturn causes us to feel restricted & creates obstacles on our spiritual path, which must be over-come in order to progress. This maybe a very testing time as these two planets fight for dominance, especially with Black Moon Lilith siding with Jupiter, thus leading to confusion or frustration as we try to decide whether to move forward with plans or wait until the time is right. With the square to the Sun & Moon, the issues are highlighted for us so we have the opportunity to weigh up all the factors & come to a decision that feels natural for you & will allow you to take the most positive step forward at the right time. The empty leg, therefore the resolution, of the T-square is in Leo. This shows us that by connecting with what we know to be true in our own heart, we will know for ourselves what the next step should be & when exactly to take it. The great Goddess Lilith in this formation gives us the courage to remain true to our convictions, in spite of any external opposition or adversity you may face. As Lilith is in Taurus, it may help to get out in nature & re-connect with Mother Earth & re-charge your natural energies, in preparation of the new cycle of being that you are about to embark upon.

Other interesting aspects include a nice air trine between Saturn Libra & Neptune in Aquarius. This will help us clarify & solidify all our dreams & visions of the future. This is the last major aspect of Neptune before entering Pisces & before Saturn goes retrograde, so make the most of the spiritual intuitive energies available now & ground them into reality. Another earth trine taking place now between Mercury in Capricorn & Mars in Virgo allows us to assertively speak our truth at this time with clarity & conviction. Mars is also just about to move retrograde, which gives us some time to work on ourselves, review our new plans & make revisions as required. However, luckily for us all, at the time of the New Moon & New Year, all the planets are direct, so overall this year we are likely to make significant & positive progress, despite various planets moving retrograde later in the year.

So to summarize, the Dragon New Moon is set to be one of exciting fresh starts & new beginnings & the Year of the Dragon will one of significant change in your life. Dragon energy helps empower you with the courage & enthusiasm to over-come inertia & to visualize, then manifest your dreams into reality. The powerful majestic Dragon blesses us with the transformational fire to burn away negativity, dispell illusions, over-come fears & awakens your higher awareness to see the truth. The Aquarius New Moon gives us hope & inspiration for the future & bestows upon us an ability to treat our friends & society with greater acceptance & compassion, as we let go of the old & create space for new connections based on love, light & truth.

Wishing you a very prosperous & empowering Dragon New Moon & Year!

Please feel free to share your Dragon New Moon experiences below. Thank you for reading!


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