Wolf Full Moon ~ 9th January 2012 ~ 7:30am GMT

Welcome to the first Full Moon report of 2012!

This very powerful Wolf Full Moon took place on 9th January at 7:30am GMT. The Full Moon position was 18 degrees Cancer, which is the sign of the Moon’s rulership, therefore giving this Full Moon extra potency. The issues highlighted by the Moon in Cancer relate to the home & personal environment, but also our families & specifically the mother principal. As the Full Moon also took place in the 7th house of the chart, this gives us an indication that all personal relationships may also have been affected by the Moon. The Sun is opposite in Capricorn in the first house, which makes us all take a long hard look at ourself & evaluate exactly where we are at. Therefore, this particular Full Moon is giving us the opportunity to work on your relationship with yourself & to high-light the feeling of being ‘at home’ with yourself.

An interesting aspect being made to the Moon is a sextile from Mars in Virgo, which may be challenging as Mars rules aggression & anger, yet overall it could be a positive experience just as long as you can find a positive way to express your feelings & find a practical outlet for your anger. Mars will be traveling back & forth through Virgo til July. This will give us all the opportunity to revise our plans for the future & make solid new plans about all we wish to accomplish & achieve. Mars in Virgo gives us the inspiration & motivation to create & manifest in physical reality. The sextile to the Full Moon gives us a glimpse of the path to be taken, even though it may take some time to get there with Mars upcoming retrograde motion, but at least we now have some idea of where we are now heading.

The most aspected planet of the Full Moon chart is Mercury, which has just entered Capricorn following his long-haul stint in Sagittarius, which gave us much freedom of expression & more conscious awareness of our spiritual path. Mercury in Capricorn gives us some much needed solid grounding after all the wild fiery Mercurial energies dissipate & we may come back to mundane reality with a bit of a bump! The aspects being made by Mercury are as follows: conjunction to Pluto, sextile to Neptune & Chiron, square to Uranus & trine to Jupiter & Black Moon Lilith. As we can see, Mercury is very busy whilst under such powerful influence of all the outer planets, which may indicate a greater interest in the world at large & your personal place within it. This could be a time of worry or fear if the path you are currently walking is not a true representation of who you truly wish to be, but this fear can be negated by remaining true to yourself & practicing the self-discipline to forge & stick to your own path. The outer planet aspects also bring to conscious awareness all your greatest ambitions & the inspiration to achieve them & therefore become a more authentic version of yourself in the future.

So as we begin the exciting journey that 2012 is set to bring us, the Full Moon is the very start of this year long process. We are being asked to finally become that which we were always meant to be, unencumbered by the past & slowly becoming more aware of our personal & global future. The first step of this process is your personal plan of authenticity & ambition. Consider this, if the world was really to end, what have you always wanted to do, but have thus far been held back from doing? Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back. Now is the time to overcome your fears & make that dream a reality! All the planets are currently behind you, all moving direct & encouraging you achieve all you wish to in this most anticipated of years.

Know Thyself & your place in the Universe! ♥


© AstroBella 2012