Pisces New Moon ~ 21st February 2012 ~ 22:33 GMT

Following all the excitement & drama brought about the fiery Storm Full Moon in Leo, we now have a much more quiet & reflective time with this months New Moon, which is taking place at the time stated above in the UK, with the Sun and Moon at 2º Pisces. Most significantly, the Sun & Moon are also conjunct Neptune & asteroids Chiron & Pallas Athena in the 4th house of the chart shown above, thus making this a very ‘watery’ feeling New Moon, a stark contrast to the fiery Leo energies felt since the Full Moon earlier this month.

The powerful combination of the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron & Pallas Athena all conjunct in Pisces, will give us much food for thought as many deeply hidden & forgotten memories or emotions are brought to the surface. Old karmic pattern may be re-activated in your life now, in order to be acknowledged, healed & released, however the resurgence of old patterns, memories & feelings being brought up now may cause you feel very uncomfortable & vulnerable. Perhaps a negative experience from the past has caused you to become overly defensive? At the time, these boundaries may have been exactly what you needed in order to protect yourself, but these old subconscious defensive mechanisms are actually holding you back from becoming the person you truly wish to be now. The boundaries created in the past may have been protective, but also may have been preventing you from experiencing new exciting things, as both positive & negative experiences are kept away by your defensiveness. By becoming fully conscious & aware of deeply ingrained patterns & by acknowledging their existence, we can then move into a state where we can be thankful for the protection they have given us in the past, but we are now ready to release these external barriers & return to an open boundless state being. Neptune’s 13 year journey through Pisces will wash away all the boundaries in our life that prevent us from experiencing the true divine love that is inherent to all around us, thus moving us all towards to a more spiritually open & compassionate society. The conjunction to Chiron will enable us to fully recognise old wounds & illusions that have kept us feeling separated & help heal the rift. The addition of Pallas Athena, however will bring us some much needed courage to face old forgotten memories & proceed with greater independence & autonomy. The conjunction to the New Moon gives us a huge amount of insight around this painful but necessary process. Altogether a powerfully activating combination which draws out that which has been kept hidden in the darkest depths of the soul & allows you to consciously work with it now in order to achieve healing. Pay attention to dreams & intuition, as this is the way the subconscious speaks directly to you. Reflective meditation in silent solitude may also help identify the ‘whispers of the soul’ at this time.

The New Moon also is forming a Harmony Triangle ~ Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron & Pallas Athena sextile Jupiter & Black Moon Lilith in Taurus & sextile Pluto in Capricorn & Jupiter & Lilith trine Pluto. This gives much positive reinforcement with the intense spiritual healing that is possible now. Pluto in Capricorn is transforming us from the deep core level & allows us to reconstruct ourselves anew with firmer foundations & a stronger sense of self. Jupiter & Lilith in Taurus gives us direction & drive to expand ourselves spiritually so we may soar to new inspiring heights in the face of any adversity. In aspect to the New Moon combination, we have a unique opportunity to take the first step in this process, which starts with acknowledging yourself exactly as you are, appreciating your reasons for being that way & accepting what you now need to let go in order to evolve & become more authentic.

Overall, this incredibly potent New Moon force may feel like an overwhelming tsunami of emotions, but rather than trying to avoid it & escape, or protect yourself against it, instead surrender & allow the waters to wash over you & dissolve all resistance, wash away old boundaries, thus leaving you feeling open & vulnerable, yet free & cleansed in body, mind & soul. The healing that may be achieved at this time is immense, provided you have the courage to face yourself & perhaps step through the looking glass into a new way of thinking, feeling & being, free from the karmic shackles & illusions of the past & prepared to face a new future with integrity & compassion.

Love & Light



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