Storm Full Moon ~ 7th February 2012 ~ 9:53pm GMT

The Full Moon in February is traditionally known as Storm Full Moon & is taking place at the time stated above in the UK, with the Moon at 18º Leo. Significantly, the Full Moon is being opposed by the Sun & Messenger of the Gods, Mercury in Aquarius. This dynamic opposition brings to light the polarity between the individual self & society as a whole, thus making this a good time to re-connect with yourself & to clearly define your place within your groups of friends & social circles. Leo is most closely connected to the heart, therefore a Full Moon in this sign will allow us to connect deeply with what is in our hearts, whilst the influence of Mercury will bring to conscious awareness what we know to be true in our hearts, therefore making this Full Moon a very passionate & amorous one & will also make us feel more consciously connected to those we love & choose to have in our lives. The Moon in Leo could be seen as the bright Queen in her own Kingdom & as the Moon shines with her most empowered light in Leo, she also encourages us all to do the same. Allow your heart to shine with it’s own light & bring that light & love to any suffering or darkness that surrounds you, whether it is within yourself or your partner & friends.

An interesting formation from the Full Moon axis is a lovely Mystic Rectangle to the Nodal Axis of the Moon ~ Moon opposite Sun & Mercury sextile North Node & South Node. The Mystic Rectangle formation is a very positive one, as it helps ground into reality the more mystical & usually intangible energies, thus allowing them to take on a more practical form & are more easily manifested & worked with at this time. The Nodes of the Moon are karmic points, which represent the karma you have brought with you from previous lives, that needs to be resolved in this life & thus bringing soul growth & evolution, which would then be reflected in your next life. The sextile to the Full Moon axis, helps brings to light all karmic issues of the past that require resolution in order for you to release the negative karmic bonds & move forward to a more positive future. This could therefore bring back people from the past who you still have unresolved issues with, or maybe memories of events which may have been traumatic at the time & have possibly left ‘karmic scars’ which need to be acknowledged & healed before they can finally be released. The Leo Moon blesses us with the ability to speak & feel from the heart & to treat any issues that may arise with compassion & forgiveness, whilst the Aquarius Sun & Mercury bestows freedom from the past & hope for a brighter future.

Another indication of the karmic resolution that is now possible is the retrograde movement of karmic heavyweight Saturn in Libra, the sign of balance & relationships. Retrograde Saturn’s influence can be felt as a reviewing process, which take us back over all our relationships from the point of view of how they may have restricted your growth in the past & how to now best release those karmic shackles. As Saturn is also making a tense quincunx aspect to Venus, ruler of Libra, the initial tension brought up by this transit may be unsettling or upsetting. Venus is now at her final degree of Pisces, the sign of the soul, so by allowing the upset acknowledgement, it can be resolved & released, rather than trying to ignore or suppress difficult feelings, which only increases the power they have over you. It may help to talk with friends & loved ones at this time so you may gain support in moving forward with issues & will help you feel that you are not alone. If this is not possible, then journal writing can be a very helpful way to keep track of where you are at with regard to your issues & allows you to see the progress made over this time. As Saturn will be moving retrograde until June, we have plenty of time to review & take stock of where we are at & how we may now be restricting ourselves from achieving all we wish to. We all have various issues brought about by negative past experiences, but that does not mean you are any less worthy of the love & support you deserve. Also, it is worth considering that it is not what happens to you, but how you deal with it that demonstrates your strength of character & the fact you are reading this report now means you have survived thus far despite the pain & suffering of the past! By having a willingness to learn & grow, you give yourself the very best opportunity to evolve into a more genuine & authentic version of yourself & achieve freedom for your soul to soar to new heights.

Astronomically speaking, should you be lucky enough to see the Full Moon tonight, as she is at her closest to Earth at this time of the year, she will appear huge & shining with all her glory! Also, if you look about 90º to the right of the Moon, you will be able to see bright Jupiter & if you look about 30º to the left of the Moon, you may see a shining reddish coloured star, which is in fact Mars. Exciting times both Astrologically & Astronomically speaking!

Bright Storm Full Moon blessings to you! ♥

Love & light


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