Spring Equinox ~ 20th March 2012 ~ 5:15am GMT

Wishing you all a very happy Spring Equinox! This is a very exciting time, as the Spring Equinox marks a time of the year when both day & night are equal, therefore there’s a balance between the cosmic masculine & feminine energies. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Equinox also marks the first day of Spring & a time of regeneration & rebirth, as all of nature begins to re-awaken after the long dark slumber of winter, so we can now start to see & celebrate the new life that is beginning to blossom & bloom all around us & we can all look forward to the longer days & shorter nights to come in the summer!

Astrologically speaking, the Spring Equinox is defined as the exact moment at which the Sun enters the first degree of the first sign of the zodiac Aries, thus it marks the beginning of the new Astrological year. By considering the chart of this exact moment, at the time stated above in the UK, we can learn much about what could be in store for us, as we welcome in this new season of becoming. As the Sun enters Aries, it will be conjunct Uranus & Mercury Rx, thus giving this particular Spring Equinox a very fiery ‘kick-start’! This potent combination is most enlightening & brings to conscious awareness our re-awakening creative potential & life-force energies at this time. Great flashes of inspiration & insight may occur now, as we finally feel ourselves breakthrough the old patterns that have kept us stuck & we achieve liberation from negative karmic complications of the past. When Mercury Rx returns to Pisces on 23rd March, we will be asked to clear away any residual confusion & finally surrender old karma. However, at the time of the Equinox, we will feel the spark of illumination within which will help guide us through the sometimes difficult ‘letting go’ process to come soon.

The most significant formation now is the ongoing Grand Earth Trine, which has been in effect since Chaste Full Moon, but with the Moon now playing a key pivotal role as the Kite Point. The aspects are as follows ~ Mars, Psyche & Eros trine Pluto trine Jupiter, Venus & Black Moon Lilith ~ Kite point Moon, Neptune & Chiron. As mentioned in previous reports, this very potent aspect is giving us all the opportunity to finally transcend old fixed patterns of relating & behaving, in order to find a new & more authentic way of being. As we are coming to the end of this amazing aspects exactitude & with the waning crescent Moon’s current position, we are once again reminded of the patterns we need to clear once & for all, before we irrevocably transform ourselves anew, following the release of past karma. The Moon in Pisces is ensuring we clear all lingering karmic debris now, so we can complete this process before the New Moon on 22nd March. (New Moon report to follow soon!) Also, since my last report about the Grand Kite, asteroid Eros has now begun to move direct. This has enabled us to awaken our hearts & finally feel the inspiration & courage required to bravely follow our true passions & desires, which may have been formulating through the retrograde period, but you can now begin to make a reality. The burning inner flame that you have kept fuelled in private may now begin to take physical manifestation, a process which will be greatly emphasised when Mars & Psyche both move direct too. But in the meantime, we can at least begin to bring more joy into our lives by focusing on what we feel most passionate about & by feeling encouraged to follow our hearts true desire, which is a very exciting prospect for all the fiery re-awakening creative energies emerging at this time!

Another interesting aspect being made now is a Mutable Grand Cross ~ Mars, Psyche & Eros opposite Moon, Neptune & Chiron square North Node opposite South Node. The inclusion of the Nodes once again gives further emphasis on the karmic lessons that are now being processed. The influence of the Mutable Grand Cross gives us an opportunity to lay the foundations of a new structure within yourself based on your new found sense of personal power, which may only be gained by bravely working through the karmic issues raised & showing dedication to your own spiritual evolution. The key common factor in both major formations, the Grand Kite & the Grand Cross, is ~ Moon, Neptune & Chiron opposite Mars, Psyche & Eros, which can be seen as acting like a ‘lynch pin’ between these two magnificent cosmic configurations. This opposition may provoke some very deeply buried emotional issues to re-surface, in order to be cleared & healed. Therefore, the positive potential provided by this doubly powerful combination, is to finally clear away all the negative karmic ‘hang-ups’ that have held you back from achieving all you wish to & finally surrender the emotional struggle that has kept you from feeling & using your true power. Create space in your life by relinquishing all that no longer serves your highest purpose, in order to clear the way for all the new exciting, but as yet unseen things to enter your life. Within the sacred space created, you may build upon the new solid sense of self you are feeling growing in confidence & use all you have learnt thus far to help you create a new life based on a foundation of personal power & authenticity. Exciting times indeed!

Wishing you Bright Spring Equinox Blessings & Happy Astrological New Year! ♥




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