Taurus New Moon ~ 21st April 2012 ~ 8:18am BST

April’s New Moon takes place at the time & date stated above in the UK, with the Sun & Moon conjunct at 1° Taurus. This is a time of the year when Mother Earth begins to re-awaken & bloom with new life & with New Moon in this lovely earthy sign, we all now have the opportunity to nurture our own growth & begin to blossom & bloom within ourselves. Since the very intense Equinox & Aries New Moon & whilst the Sun has been transiting through fiery Aries, the vibrational energies seemed to have ‘shifted up a gear’, causing the pace of life to suddenly feel accelerated & many unexpected sudden turn of events may have caused us to become overwhelmed, unfocused & confused, particularly with Mars & Mercury moving retrograde & forcing us to finally clear away all residual karmic debris that may have been impeding your growth. Now with both Mars in Virgo & Mercury in Aries moving direct & in mutual reception again, we can now finally move forward with our plans, passions & personal evolution, a process which will be very much helped by the Sun’s shift into the sign of Taurus on 19th April. We may now once again find our feet back on Terra Firma & feel much more in tune & connected with our bodies & feelings, as the Taurus influence gives us some much needed grounding following all the fiery Aries energies of the past month. The Aries Sun activated our passions & inspired us to pursue them & now the Taurus Sun & Moon will help us to channel this creative energy into actualization.

Interestingly, the Grand Earth Kite, which was first in action during the Chaste Full Moon til the Equinox, will be re-activated by this New Moon’s position, but with a few different planets involved. The aspects are as follows: Sun & Moon in Taurus trine Mars & asteroid Psyche in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn ~ Kite Point Neptune & asteroid Chiron in Pisces. This aspect may bring back to mind any innovative ideas that came about during the Grand Kite’s first appearance in March, but these plans may have been temporarily put on hold, due to the double retrograde of Mars & Mercury, but may now be brought back to life & begin to take form. The karmic clearing & healing process should have enabled you to free yourself of negative hang ups of the past & the shadow of self-doubt, thus leaving you with an empty space in your life for new things to come in. By re-connecting with the exciting potentials brought about at the time of the Equinox & by visualizing the new outcome we desire, we may now begin to manifest these new ideas into reality. The Taurus New Moon is the beginning of this transformative manifestation process & now is the time to decide which seeds you would like to plant in the space you have created & ultimately, what you would like to grow in that space now.

Astronomically speaking, the New Moon takes place on the same night as the Lyrid Meteor Shower, 21st & 22nd April & this dark Moon will give us a fantastic opportunity to see it very clearly, just as long as the weather behaves! In the UK, the ‘shooting stars’ will be visible in the North-East just after midnight til dawn. The Lyrid Meteor shower is named after the Northern Hemisphere constellation of Lyra, as this is where the shower appears to emanate from & all the meteors are remnants of Comet Thatcher. It should be a spectacular sight, with anything between 15 to 100 meteors visible per hour. Remember to make a wish, but of course, be careful what you wish for, as this Taurus New Moon will hopefully provide the fertile soil for new seeds of inspiration to sprout & grow!

Best New Moon wishes to you! ♥




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