Transits ~ May 2012

Trickster Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Taurus… Opportunity for conscious integration of shadow aspects of the self, thereby leading to holistic self awareness & authenticity… Know & Love Thyself!

Messenger Mercury steps a winged boot forward into Gemini & square to Neptune in Pisces… Both planets in the sign of their rulership… Expect higher states of consciousness, rapid fire communication & divine inspiration!

Half Moon conjunct Mars in Virgo tonight… This is a particularly significant half Moon as it represents the mid-point between the Solar & Lunar Eclipses… We are now mid-way in-between the shift from the old phase of life that has just ended, as represented by last weeks Solar Eclipse & the new phase of life that is about to begin with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse next week… Feels both terrifying & exciting at the same time as we shift from one thing to another, but remember, fortune favors the brave! Also, half Moon & Mars will be visible together tonight in the UK between 9pm & 1am.

Trickster Mercury in Gemini square Warrior Mars in Virgo… Challenges, arguements & confrontation… Destructive forces clear the way for the new… Opportunity to become conscious of your own true power! ♥