Transits ~ 27th June 2012


Countdown to the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius @ 12:11… Allow the karma of the past to be washed away & be prepared to welcome a bright new future… Freedom from past restrictions & conditioning… Laying the past to rest & choosing new authentic expression of self… Ability to visualize & therefore mainfest your new desires… Focus on spiritual pursuits & keep intentions clear!

A week for affirmative action & exciting changes ahead… Firstly, Saturn went direct on Monday after being retrograde since February & is running the final leg of the race in Libra til October, which is helping us achieve karmic justice for past hurts & bringing our lives back into balance. Secondly, Mercury has just moved into Leo yesterday & will be traveling back & forth through Leo til September, which will awaken the heart & life-force energy & bring much artistic inspiration. And finally, Venus moves direct in Gemini today after being retrograde since May, allowing the pain of the past to fall away & being open to receiving new love & joy… Altogether, a great time to move ahead with all new creative inspirations & aspirations… Inviting more of what you love into your life & brings your soul the most joy, unencumbered by past restrictions… Manifestation of deeply held dreams & desires into reality can begin now!

Intense Cardinal T-Square… Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries… Fiery kick-start to the transformation process by eliminating all artificial constructs of the past & revealing new unique authentic expressions of the Self… Sudden surprising revelations may inspire irrevocable change at a deep fundamental level… Empty leg, therefore resolution, in Libra… By achieving balance & harmony within yourself first, you may then provide the inspiration for others to transform too… Be the change you wish to see in the World & lead by example! ♥