Blue New Moon in Gemini ~ 19th June 2012

Countdown to the Blue New Moon in Gemini at 16:02pm… As this is the second New Moon to take place in Gemini, think back to the previous New Moon & Solar Eclipse on 21st May & any new ideas, inspirations & intentions set at that time. Since then we have also had Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse on 4th July in Sagittarius, which may have brought up some old emotional traumas which could have temporarily set you off course, but by clearing these old wounds, you have now created a space for your new intentions to manifest & the Full Moon may also have helped highlight your new spiritual path… Also, the transit of Venus across the Sun on 6th July also in Gemini, would have brought to light all that you truly love & brings your soul joy… Now with this second, therefore Blue New Moon in Gemini, which is forming a Mutable T-Square… Sun & Moon opposite the Galactic Center, square to Warrior Mars in Virgo… Empty leg, thus resolution in Pisces & also a trine from the Sun & Moon to Saturn in Libra… All of this potent combination of high vibrational spiritual energy will hopefully re-inspire you, bringing you back on course & helping you manifest all your innovative intentions & new ideas, but with a much clearer vision, feeling more hopeful about the future & encouraged to follow your soul’s true mission… Exciting times! ♥