Cancer New Moon ~ 19th July 2012 ~ 5:24am BST

Cancer New Moon takes place on 19th July at 5:24am in the UK with the Sun & Moon conjunct at 26° Cancer. This is set to be a very emotional time, as the potent Cardinal T-Square that began at the time of the very intense Thunder Full Moon on 3rd July is still in action now ~ Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. This has been a great challenge to finally eliminate all exhausted artificial constructs from your life, in order to begin laying down a firmer structure from which you may then re-build your life upon, but with much firmer foundations & a more solid sense of Self. Interestingly, there is also a Mutable T-Square which is simultaneously in action at this time ~ Jupiter & South Node in Gemini opposite the North Node in Sagittarius square Neptune & Chiron in Pisces. This has also been a challenging aspect, as it may have felt as if all the old familiar ways of life, the old ‘comfort zone’  that we had become accustomed to, has suddenly just washed away & disappeared, leaving you with an inescapable feeling of emptiness. Altogether a double whammy of disruption & destructive forces that cleared the way of all which no longer serves you & your Soul’s true purpose in this life. Rest assured though, that all that has been eliminated & dissolved has been in preparation for what is to come next with the Cancer New Moon…

At the time of this potent New Moon, there lies a great, but slightly hidden opportunity, as the two T-Squares mentioned above are actually inter-linking with each other to form a lovely Mystic Rectangle, which is one of the most positive possible formations ~ Mars opposite Uranus sextile Jupiter & South Node opposite North Node.  This is quite remarkable, as it gives us some hope that the challenges endured during the T-Squares has indeed a positive outcome, in that we may now begin to draw on the experiences of late & begin to feel stronger in ourselves & more refined by the hardships endured. A new solid sense of self & your purpose in life provides the courage required & hopefully the insights about ourselves that we needed to learn before discovering what the next step of the journey will be…

Another powerful aspect in play during the New Moon is a amazing Grand Fire Kite ~ Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries trine North Node in Sagittarius ~ Kite Points ~ Jupiter & South Node in Gemini & Mars in Libra. This is another very positive formation & will hopefully be felt as some much needed light-relief from all the hard-work we’ve had to do recently. All this creative fiery energy will undoubtedly give us the inspiration & courage to follow what we are most passionate about, particularly in the creative arts & music. It is possible that the dreams we had in childhood, or at least in the past, but have been unable to follow through on before due the the restictions of the past, but we may now begin to bring back to life. Allow old memories of what brought you joy to float to the surface of awareness & re-ignite the spark of your imagination. Meditation may greatly help with this process, as will keeping note of any sudden flashes of intuition & inspiration, which could come to you in the most unlikely of times & places!

Therefore, the Cancer New Moon is giving us the oppotunity to begin feeling more empowered & in charge of our destiny. At this particualr time all the Planets are aligning in a unique & amazing way, which may help us to translate our deeply held dreams & desires in reality… The very beginning of the manifestation process of something new, hopeful & exciting, but based on old deeply held dreams!

If not now, when?!

Love & Light