Thunder Full Moon ~ 3rd July 2012

Full Moon today takes place at 7:51pm at 12 degrees of Capricorn. This is set to be a very potent Full Moon as it will be once again re-activating the Cardinal Grand Cross… Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn opposite Sun in Cancer square Uranus & Pallas Athena in Aries opposite Pandora & Mars which has just moved into Libra today. This extremely powerful combination of forces gives us the ability to lay down a new firm foundation for the future based on a more solid & authentic sense of the Self. The purification & elimination that this ongoing formation has already begun will continue, but the added force of the Full Moon will bring the deep inner processes out to the fore & the sense of urgency to transform beyond the restrictions of the past will become far too strong to ignore now. It could feel terrifying whilst the old familiar structures fall away, leaving a big empty void, however this is only a temporary situation & hopefully any fears this process may bring to the surface will soon pass, as letting go of the old restrictions is far less painful than continuing to hold on to them beyond their time. That which no longer serves your True Soul Purpose will now be released in order for you to create the space for the laying of a new solid foundation for a more stable structure in the future, one that will stand the test of time & be a more authentic expression of who you are now & who you truly wish to become.

Also, Mars has finally finished his 7 month long-haul journey through Virgo & has just entered Libra at 1:31pm today. Mars in Virgo gave us the ability to manifest Spirit in physical form & has given us much greater insight & knowledge into all we value & regard as sacred in our lives. Mars in Libra will feel much lighter, as it is the sign of the Peaceful Warrior & the next 7 weeks Mars will be traveling through Libra will be a great opportunity to fight for causes that are close to your heart. Take a stand for what you truly believe in & feel empowered & encouraged to pursue your dreams & champion your causes with all the enthusiasm & zeal Mars in Libra will bring!

Remember to keep your intention clear & pure, as the energies of this extremely powerful Full Moon will bring will surely help manifest your dreams into reality & of course, be careful what you wish for!

Love & Light