Barley Full Moon

Barley Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

6th August 2009

1:55am BST ~ 8:55pm EST

This months Full Moon took place at the time & date above, with the Moon at 13 degrees Aquarius opposed by the Sun at 13 degrees Leo.

This Full Moon marks the final stage of the current Eclipse cycle, as this is the second Lunar Eclipse to take place over the last few Lunations. The previous Lunar Eclipse took place in Cancer. (See Thunder Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse report on 7th July.) This was followed by a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. (See Blue New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse report on 22nd July). With the Eclipses across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, the focus was brought upon the balance between work & home life & deep, intense emotional issues in these areas where brought to surface in order to be worked upon & tested for validity. Any issues which were no longer serving your highest purpose would have had to be purged from your life, in order for you to become free.

The lesson of freedom is once again highlighted by this Lunar Eclipse taking place in the sign of Aquarius, which rules freedom & revolution. All the hard work which the two previous Eclipses brought about, will finally find resolution with this Eclipse. Also, this final Eclipse will relate to the previous Eclipse cycle, which took place earlier this year; on 26th January, we had a New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, followed by a Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 9th February. It may be helpful for you to think back to what was going on in your life around this time, as any issues, lessons or goals from this time may once again be brought into current focus.

The Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius makes this is a great time to join new groups & organizations & forming new friendships. It is likely that your social life will become very active & exciting. You may leave behind an old group of friends & look to meet new innovative people who are more in tune with where you are right now in your life & who operate on a similar wavelength to you. You may even find yourself attracted to slightly eccentric people who are very different to yourself & other people you know. This is no bad thing though, as such interaction may open your mind to new radical ways of thinking or being that you may have never even considered before. Therefore you may feel inspired to try new exciting things that take you ‘out of the box’ of your normal mundane life & into a world where there are limitless possibilities & much excitement to be found & explored.

Also, due the inspirational & awakening nature of Aquarius, this is also a great time to set new goals & priorities which are more in alignment with who you really are right now & what you wish to achieve in your life. With a little help from the powerful & dynamic Mars in Gemini, which is making a nice trine to the Full Moon & a sextile to the Sun, you are given a great impetus & drive to bravely go out into the world & to manifest all your new hopes, dreams & wishes. This is potentially a very exiting time & I hope, after all the pain & darkness brought up from the previous 2 Lunations, you may now have some good old fun & find the inspiration you need in order to grow & evolve into a more complete & unique expression of yourself. Enjoy!



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  1. chris Says:

    that sums up my world right now with no abiguity
    is that really possible?
    thank you for an insight for me to a world unknown
    just witnessed

  2. sophie Says:

    Was not expecting that! Truer than you can
    realise. Made me weep buckets!
    So spot on.

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