Aquarius Full Moon ~ 2nd August 2012 ~ 4:27am BST

The first Full Moon of August took place this morning at the time & date above in the UK, with the Moon at 10 Aquarius. This is set to be a very exciting time as the Aquarius Moon activates our desire to socialize & become more active in the the outer world, in particular with your social family & new groups of friends. The Aquarius Full Moon may also cause a sudden shift in the vibration, which increases the level of activity & accelerates the urgency in which things must be done now. This can be likened to a ‘quickening’ process, a prelude to the rebirth & new creative activity the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon is urging & giving us the courage to pursue.

A really amazing formation is taking place at the time of the Full Moon, an exciting Grand Sextile, which is a 6 pointed star made up of a Grand Fire Trine & Grand Air Trine interlocking with each other. The aspects are as follows ~ Sun & Mecury in Leo sextile Mars in Libra sextile North Node & Vertex in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries sextille Jupiter & South Node in Gemini. This unique formation is a fantastic opportunity to begin the birthing process of something new, as it is the most positive of all the possible formations. As it is a combination of Fire & Air Trines, all the signs are masculine & very interestingly all the planets involved are also all the masculine planets, the only exception being the Moon! The emphasis on the masculine signs & planets gives us the dynamic active energy required to manifest dreams into reality & the Grand Sextile may act as a portal through which we can ‘step into the looking glass’ to a new level of consciousness. The Moon, acting as the only feminine ambassador in this very masculine formation, she stands alone, like the black spot in the white half of the Yin Yang. This makes this Full Moon’s influence all the more potent & her powerful reflective feminine energies are amplified in Aquarius, which helps provide us with all the inspirational insights of Aquarius & also guides us intuitively towards taking that final step through the portal & towards the next new level of being, which may feel both exciting & terrifying at the same time!

Although we may not yet know exactly where the next step will take us or what is actually on the other side of the looking glass, having faith that the next steps to be taken will be revealed at the most appropriate time, when you are ready to experience the next level of awareness & higher states of consciousness. Like the Fool in the Tarot, about to embark on an exciting journey into the unknown, unaware of what dangers may lie ahead, but full of hope for the the future & trusting of the new path ahead. This powerful Aquarius Full Moon is an amazing unique opportunity to take the first step through the looking glass…

Wishing you a very happy & exciting Aquarius Full Moon!