Chaste Full Moon ~ 8th March 2012 ~ 9:39am GMT

This months Full Moon takes place at the time stated above in the UK, with the Moon at 18º Virgo & Sun at 18º Pisces. As an Earth sign, Virgo gives this Full Moon a very down-to-earth, practical approach to the emotional roller-coaster ride that 2012 has been so far. Hopefully we will also feel some much needed grounding following the ‘flights of fancy’ the imaginative Pisces New Moon may have taken us on. The potent conjunction of the Sun, Neptune & asteroids Chiron & Pallas Athena at the time of the New Moon  is still in effect during this Full Moon. (Please see Pisces New Moon report for more info.) However, instead of allowing ourselves to be caught in the clutches of negative subconscious karmic patterns of relating & behaving, the Virgo Full Moon gives us an ability to see the finer details of these patterns, how they may have been triggered, & what our role in maintaining the pattern may be, thus we now have a unique opportunity to unpick the pattern & create a new more positive form of relating, free from the negative karmic conditioning of the past.

With the Full Moon’s conjunction to Mars in Virgo, we are blessed with all the determination required to persist in our personal inner evolution, however our patience may be severely tested & our attempts to move forward may feel frustrated, as Mars is still moving retrograde til April. Alongside Mars are asteroids Psyche & Eros, all moving retrograde & in conjunction to the Full Moon. Therefore, the patterns of relating, especially within close, intimate, one-on-one & romantic relationships, will be highlighted. For example, negative experiences in your romantic relationships of the past may have caused you to close down your heart for protection & act defensively now, but this negative pattern of relating is actually making it more difficult to form positive loving connections in the present. This Full Moon gives you the incredible opportunity to firstly see how this conditioned pattern may have come about. Secondly, it allows you to know what to do differently if the pattern does repeat itself, thus negating the fear of the past pattern repeating with the same negative intensity again. Then thirdly, the ability to finally overcome it the pattern, so you may feel free to fully love again.

The issues being highlighted by the Virgo Full Moon are given further credence by a very powerful Grand Earth Kite formation taking place now ~ Moon, Mars, Psyche & Eros trine Jupiter Venus & Black Moon Lilith trine Pluto ~ Kite Point ~ Sun, Neptune, Chiron & Pallas Athena. This firmly puts the focus upon the actual physical manifestation of negative patterns of the past, which then infers an ability to become fully aware & to accept them & therefore transcend these these patterns once & for all. Before the pattern can be clocked & overcome, however, it will first have to repeat itself! Luckily, the Virgo Full Moon as part of this Earth Kite allows us to experience & see this pattern much more objectively than usual, which then allows us to see the pattern with much more awareness & we can then move towards acceptance of our part in maintaining it & why. This awareness then opens the door to accepting & taking full responsibility for this pattern & then you may show yourself forgiveness & compassion for continuing to maintain it, especially if it has been running unconsciously til now. Awareness & acceptance also allows you to choose how to do things differently, or how to be different, thus negating the need for the pattern to keep repeating itself in the same old painful way again & freeing you from the fear associated with it. Altogether, this Virgo Full Moon is teaching you where you have been holding yourself back by being stuck in old deeply hidden patterns, but you now have the chance to see & transcend it all & hopefully become a more free & authentic version of yourself. Great karmic progress!

The inner transformation & self-regeneration that is now possible will have far reaching effects, providing you have the courage to face yourself & your deeply hidden patterns of relating & behaving. It may seem painful to accept responsibility for maintaining a negative subconscious karmic pattern, but not nearly as painful as choosing to continue to maintain & repeat it! Instead choose how you wish to continue to be, feel empowered by the release of negative self conditioning & above all else, feel liberated from karmic patterns of the past!

By bringing the light of love to the darkness of the past, may we be healed & transformed anew! ♥

Love & Light



© AstroBella 2012

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  1. Chris Says:

    Nice to see monthly reports AB :) . Please do keep it up .. you always make sense of the insensible and give the gift of hope. Thank you for sharing your insight. I trust the kite serves you well too. X

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