Imbolc ~ 4th February 2012 ~ 10:22am GMT

Astrologically speaking, Imbolc is defined as the point at which the Sun is at exactly 15º Aquarius, which is at the time stated above in the UK. Imbolc is the ancient Pagan Fire Festival, which celebrates the first stirrings of Spring & the re-awakening of Mother Earth following her hibernation during winter. Hence, the chart will give us some indication of the new season of becoming that we are about to enter.

Most significantly, it would seem that love is very much in the air… Great news with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! The cosmic lovers Mars & Venus oppose each other in the sky & are also joined by their younger love struck siblings, asteroids Psyche & Eros. Venus may stand alone in Pisces, being opposed by Mars, Psyche & Eros in Virgo, but she is by no means less powerful, as Venus is exalted in Pisces, therefore she shines with her most finest light of spiritual love & encourages us all to do the same, especially where our personal relationships are concerned. This lovely yet potent combination may bring you the first stirrings of a new romantic relationship, or allows you to re-visit past relationships, in order to heal & resolve any past karmic patterns which may have been holding you back from experiencing the love you would like & deserve. Venus is allowing us to feel the highest form of love that is possible to experience & by showing yourself & your significant other compassion & forgiveness for any past pain or suffering caused, so you may be healed from relationship patterns of the past. Opposing Venus is Mars, Psyche & Eros which is a powerfully alluring combination which helps us to manifest our deepest passions & desires into reality, thus making this is a great time to connect with your own heart & to reach out to others, thereby you may then be free to love yourself & find new love again…

Another highly spiritual influence at this time comes from Neptune, which returns to the sign of it’s ruler-ship Pisces, after a 150 year journey around the zodiac. We had a brief taste of what’s to come when Neptune briefly visited Pisces last summer, but then retrograded back into Aquarius, thus giving us the opportunity to finally clear up all lose ends in terms of our social lives & friends. With Neptune’s 13 year journey through it’s own sign of Pisces, we may now have a feeling of ‘coming home’ to our true spiritual selves & returning to the Source of Oneness, or Sea of Souls, thus making this period one of great spiritual significance & progress, which has the potential to free us of the all karmic ‘hang-ups’ of the past, thus achieving holistic healing of the whole.

At the time of Imbolc, we have a beautiful Grand Trine formation ~ Neptune & Chiron in Pisces trine Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Libra. This gives us much emphasis on the karmic relationship issues brought about by Saturn moving through Libra, which has helped us create a firm inner foundation, from which we can create a solid structure of the self to relate to others from with absolute authenticity. The trine to Neptune & Chiron assists us with the washing away of any old karmic residue & wounds of the past, thus allowing our souls to be scoured of all that no longer aligns with our soul. The Moon illuminates this process for us so we can really connect with our deepest feelings & also gives us a hint of the awakening of the Mother Earth energies, which are just about to spark into life during the upcoming Spring season.

So the essence of the energies available during the time of Imbolc speak of new beginnings, especially where love is concerned. Whether that is the initial spark of a new relationship, the deepening of a existing one, or a more solid sense of self, thus a stronger relationship with your own spiritual self. Make the most of all the love in the air!

Wishing you all Bright Imbolc Blessings!

Love & Light


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