Storm Full Moon

18th February 2011

8:35 am GMT

Full Moon – 29° Leo


Hello & welcome back to AstroBella & my Lunation reports!


As we now have a Full Moon in Leo with an amazing opposition to five planets in Aquarius, I felt that this would be the perfect time for me to re-launch my website & once again begin writing Lunation reports.


Firstly, as Leo rules creativity, the Full Moon in Leo will activate all creative impulses & will give you a great burst of energy in order to satisfy your creative desires. As the Full Moon falls in the 6th House of the chart, it is important to find practical ways to fully express this creativity. It may also be worth remembering the ways in which creativity was enjoyed as a child, as these forms of creative expression will help bring you enjoyment & satisfaction again in the here & now. Whether it is through artwork, performance, writing etc. it is important to now connect with all these creative impulses in order to discover what it is that you truly enjoy to do & use it as a tool to express your innermost thoughts & feelings in a safe & constructive way. Failure to do so may lead to feelings of anger & frustration, so it is best to work with this energy in a positive way, rather than to allow it build up within & to explode out in a negative way.


Secondly, the Full Moon is being opposed by a very impressive line up of planets in Aquarius. The combustion of planets include: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune & asteroid Chiron. Aquarius rules the society in which we live, as well as our social groups, friends & interest in higher spiritual pursuits, for example, Astrology. For the past few years, Neptune & Chiron have been moving in tandem through Aquarius & this progression has given us all the ability to heal ourselves, people around us & the society in which we live in, as well as sparking much interest within society in more higher spiritual pursuits. As Neptune & Chiron are now joined by the personal planets Sun, Mercury & Mars, we now have the oppertunity to really consciously take charge of our own healing journey & take positive steps in order to heal ourselves, our friends & community. It is no coincidence that the government are now trying to promote the idea of ‘The Big Society’ whilst this potent planetary combination is in operation in the sign of Aquarius! As this combustion is taking place in the 12th House of the Full Moon chart, the impetus will be to truly connect with the heart & soul in order to heal the seperation between the two, both for ourselves & the society in which we live.


The Full Moon, therefore, will be an exciting opportunity to re-connect with our heart & soul & to begin to enjoy creatively expressing ourselves with our friends, loved ones & society as a whole. I hope you are able to discover & express all activities that can make your heart sing with joy! :)

Thank you for reading!




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  1. Angela Lewis Says:

    Hi Bella I love your site, keep up the good work!! Hope you are well!! We need a reunion!! Soon! Angela xx

  2. Indu Says:

    Hi Bel, Welcome back. it is good see to your website again. Keep it up

  3. Judi Hawkins Says:

    Hi Bella – You site is wonderful and the Leo Full Moon report, easy and informative to read. I love the translation options especially into Hindi & Persian, and the flags to help you get back to English if you’re not fluent in those languages! Please keep up your brilliant work…I’m spreading the word. Many thanks. Judi xx

  4. Dinu Says:

    Great to see your creativity re-launched !!!
    An excellent assay on a facinating subject. Will be looking forward to the next report with baited breath !! Brilliant website !!
    Best wishes.. x p.s maybe send a copy to David Cameron / ToryHeadquarters!!!!??

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