Leo New Moon ~ 17th August 2012 ~ 4:55pm BST

This months New Moon takes place at the time above in the UK with the Sun & Moon conjunct at 25° Leo. Usually, a New Moon in the passionate sign of Leo would be joyful & creative time, where you can shine & let your heart sing. We have certainly had much to celebrate & feel inspired by since the time of the Aquarius Full Moon 2 weeks ago, from the amazing athletic achievements during the Olympics, to the Mars Rover landing. (It was also interesting to note that at the time of the Mars Rover landing, Astrologically Mars was conjunct asteroid Pandora, which rules Curiosity, which just so happens to be the name of the Mars Rover!)

However, this Leo New Moon is creating some heavy aspects which may make things feel much less positive at the moment. Firstly, a sextile to the heavy Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra & secondly, a challenging square to Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, both of which could certainly put a downer on things! Both the sextile to Saturn the ruler of Karma conjunct  Mars the Warrior & the square to the Dark Goddess Lilith could instead be felt like being overcome by  the ‘shadow of doubt’ as old fears & dark times of the past come back to haunt you & risk pulling you back into repeating old patterns of behavior, which are actually no longer appropriate to you. However, such fears & patterns that arise now are only reminders of the past you need to leave behind & a test to the faith you have in yourself in achieving your new dreams. The favorable sextile means by overcoming the current challenges by practicing the patience & perseverance that Mars conjunct Saturn will be steering us towards, we will finally be able to manifest what it is that we truly want, whilst the square Black Moon Lilith will be challenging & encouraging us to fight for what we truly want. Overall, the test is maybe to see how much you really wish to achieve something & if you are prepared to overcome any obstacle to fight for your right to have it & have faith that it can be done.

Hopefully, this challenging time will soon pass as both the Moon then the Sun move into Virgo (Moon moves into Virgo 18th August, followed by the Sun 22nd August) thus creating an amazing Grand Mutable Cross ~ Moon/Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune Chiron & asteroid Lilith in Pisces square North node in Sagittarius opposite South Node in Gemini. This fantastic formation will hopefully help us shift into being able to translate our intentions & wishes into physical manifestation & actually begin to lay the foundations to our new reality. Then by the second, therefore Blue Full Moon at the end of this month, we would have a much stronger & clearer vision of the future.

Thus by overcoming the current challeges this Leo New Moon is bringing, by staying strong & true to yourself & your dreams, may you also feel increasingly more encouraged to follow your heart & achieve your dreams.

Love & Light

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  1. Carole Says:

    Hi Bella
    I just love your moon reports!
    i look forward to your comments on the Blue Full Moon on the 31st!

  2. Bella Says:

    Thank you Carole!

    I will be posting the Blue Full Moon report in the next few days… Such a rare occasion so it’s set to be exciting! :)

    x X x

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