Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon

20th August 2009

11:02 am BST ~ 6:01am EST

This months New Moon took place at the date & time stated above, with the Sun & Moon conjunct at 27 degrees Leo.

With the New Moon in Leo, the focus will be brought upon creative pursuits, children, performance, amusement & enjoyment & in particular, creative pursuits we can enjoy with our friends, family & close ones.

What makes this New Moon particularly exciting is that the Sun & Moon will be opposed by Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron in Aquarius. Therefore this is a great opportunity for deep spiritual healing to take place, as well as being a source for all artists, musicians & writers to receive a profound level of inspiration for their creative pursuits. You will feel naturally in tune with those around you & you may experience a heightened sense of spiritual awareness or an increased ability for creative visualization, all of which will enable the creative & healing processes to take place. This could also bring prophetic dreams to those of you who are sensitive to this energy. Also, for those of you who have planets being aspected by this New Moon will also feel a heightened sense of charm & personal charisma, which will attract people to you who are in need of healing, or are able to heal or help you in some significant way.

As can be seen for the chart above, the opposition from the Sun & Moon to Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron forms the midpoints of a Mystic Rectangle formation ~ Venus opposite Black Moon Lilith sextile Saturn & Mercury opposite Uranus. Therefore, the midpoints make up 2 opposing Yods. The first Yod ~ Venus sextile Saturn & Mercury quincunx Jupiter Neptune & Chiron (midpoint ~ Sun & Moon). The second Yod ~ Black Moon Lilith sextile Uranus quincunx Sun & Moon (midpoint ~ Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron.)

What the above configuration of planets suggests, is despite the present challenges that are being faced (due to the 3 major oppositions taking place), there is an almost magical opportunity to create something practical which will help you overcome any obstacles, as indicated by the trines & sextiles which link together the oppositions with a more harmonious energy. The Mystic Rectangle allows us to ground the energy being activated by the configuration & to use it in new, exciting & creative ways, as the New Moon in Leo would suggest. There are infinite ways in which this energy can actually manifest, therefore it would be wise to remain aware & alert to any new opportunities as they present themselves to you.

As this is the first Lunation since the recent Eclipse cycle, we now should be beginning to put all the intense experiences that the Eclipses highlighted & activated behind us, hopefully with the lessons learnt & with freedom to choose exactly how you would like your life to unfold from this point onwards. With the gifts of opportunity & healing taking place with this New Moon, all the hard work the previous Eclipses brought about will now be rewarded. Be careful what you now wish for as you might just get it! :)

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