Mercury Retrograde & Grand Earth Kite

Mercury is now making it’s first retrograde motion of 2012, starting at 6° Aries & moving all the way back to 23° Pisces. This gives us the opportunity to take a step back now, in order to review the progress recently made since Mercury first entered Aries on 2nd March & will also remind us of the karmic complications we had begun to resolve since Mercury was last in Pisces at the end of February. This could be a frustrating & upsetting time, as we may have thought we could just proceed full-speed ahead with our new plans. However we are now being shown where there may still be some karmic ‘loose ends’ that remain untied & require being dealt with before you can proceed. Further clarification about what exactly requires resolution now may become apparent when Mercury reverses over Uranus on 18th March, which may bring some unsettling surprises & ‘spanners in the works’ but will also help bring to consciousness where we need to rectify things before we take our next step forward. Aspects being made to Mercury will give further indication of what issues are being brought to consciousness for resolution now.

With the ongoing square from Uranus & Mercury to the transformative Pluto in Capricorn, we may feel as if we could completely breakdown, as the karmic residue of the past comes back to haunt us again. Please rest assured that we are only being given a flavor of the past, so we may resolve the issues & clear the karmic debris once & for all. All breakdown will eventually lead to breakthrough, provided you have the courage to process these difficult feelings from the past, so they may be healed & released.

As Mercury & Uranus are forming an aspect to Pluto, they are also linking in to the Grand Earth Kite, which began at the time of the Chaste Full Moon & is reaching exactitude now (see Chaste Full Moon report for more info) The Grand Earth Kite ~ Pluto trine Mars Eros & Psyche trine Jupiter Venus & Black Moon Lilith ~ Kite Point ~ Neptune Chiron & Pallas Athena. As mentioned in the Chaste Full Moon report, this Earth Kite would bring into physical manifestation all the negative patterns from the past, particularly within close personal relationships, which require unpicking & the opportunity being given to us by this lovely aspect is one of transcendence & self transformation beyond these conditioned karmic patterns. However, Mercury & Uranus are making harsh aspects to this Kite, thus making it more challenging & forcing the transformation to occur much more rapidly than we may currently feel comfortable with.

The most significant harsh aspect Mercury is making now is an inconjunction to Mars in Virgo, both moving retrograde & traveling through each others sign, therefore in mutual reception. The Mars & Aries influence may bring up conflicts & possible aggression, whilst the Mercury & Virgo influence gives us an acute critical eye for details & urges us to communicate. The retrograde motion turns the energy inwards, thus Mars Rx is challenging you to become more ‘warrior-like’ within yourself, whilst Mercury Rx opens up inner communication & allows you to re-connect with your own sacred nature. Working altogether, will cause us to take a long hard look at ourselves & urge us to transform beyond the repeating patterns of conflict & drama caused by our buttons are pushed & transcend the patterns of the past. We can then learn to communicate all our inner needs & feelings in a new truly authentic way.

This sense of urgency will pass once Mercury slips back into the watery realms of Pisces on 23rd March. We can then become more meditative & reflective about our experiences, thus we will be much more able to deal with the issues being brought up with unconditional acceptance & compassion. You may then become more aware of the inner transformation required now & proceed without fear of the same past karmic conditions from repeating themselves with the same negative intensity again. Unconditional acceptance allows you to change how you react if your button gets pushed again & compassion bestows the freedom to choose a new more mature response in the future. The trick is to not take things so personally, but to see them as reflections of what requires healing now. Then when Mercury re-enters Aries, we have the opportunity to start from scratch again, but with much more clarity, authenticity & sure-footedness on our new path this time!

The Grand Earth Kite suggests we may find inner peace by physically re-connecting with Mother Nature. Whether you do this is by taking a walk in the countryside to clear away the cobwebs, gardening or something physically demanding, will help greatly now. Also, if you go outside at night to see the many planets or Aurora that are visible now, all will help you re-connect with yourself & feel your unique place & walk your sacred path in this wondrous Universe!


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