August Transits

Sun ingress into Virgo ~ 22nd August 2012 at 6:06pm BST

The Sun enters Virgo later this evening in the UK, which gives us a final chance to bask in the warm Sunlight of Leo before this shift to the new Solar month begins. With the Sun’s move into Virgo, the Grand Mutable Cross which began just after the Leo New Moon is once again reactivated. (see for more details.) Hopefully, over the coming month we may finally begin to see progress in manifesting long held dreams & visions into reality. Virgo also teaches us to recognize what we value & regard as sacred in our lives & the Sun illuminating Virgo encourages us to go within & meditate on these values & ideals. The Sun moving into Virgo may also feel like hitting reality with a big bump, as we also discover where we might have been allowing ourselves to shirk various responsibilities & obligations, which now must be re-addressed & put right. There is much to learn with the Sun in Virgo, so pay attention to details & trust your intuition!

Mars ingress into Scorpio 23rd August 2012 at 4:24pm BST

Mars finishes his 7 week journey through Libra today at the time stated in the UK, thus leaving behind the recent peaceful cooperation & accommodation the friendly Libra influence would have given us. Now however, Mars in Scorpio is no longer willing to keep the peace & compromise! Mars’ movement through Scorpio will undoubtedly challenge us psychologically & cause us to once again go within & re-connect with ourselves on a very deep powerful level & encourages us to fight for what we truly desire. As the old ruler of Scorpio, Mars will either be at his very best or very worst over the next 6 weeks & this potent fiery energy can either be used constructively or destructively, depending on your intentions & deepest motivations. Like the Tower in the Tarot, Mars could begin to wreck havoc through the destruction of something that was once of value, but which may no longer be appropriate now. The path is being cleared & the deadwood cut away to make room for new healthy growth. Mars in Scorpio will purify the soul by eliminating old limiting beliefs, letting go of pain of the past & connecting us with our deepest inner-most emotions, which could feel quite terrifying! But within the midst of desolation, new seeds of hope may be planted & allowed to germinate in the fertile soil of the past & begin to sprout new dreams for the future. Hidden within the deep dark waters of Scorpio lie lost & forgotten treasures of the soul, which we maybe able to recover now with the bright fire of Mars bravely shining his light into the shadows & challenging us to rise like a Phoenix from the flames!

Sun opposite Neptune 24th August 2012 at 1:31pm BST

Final reactivation of the Grand Mutable Cross as mentioned before, but with a slightly different arrangement from the Leo Full Moon Grand Cross ~ Sun opposite Neptune & asteroid Lilith square North Node & Moon opposite South Node & Black Moon Lilith ~ This is the final time this Grand Mutable Cross will be activated before the Nodes change signs at the end of the month, thus this will be the final push to transform & achieve your dreams. This ongoing Grand Cross has helped us lay the foundations to a new structure from which to base your life upon, one that is strong yet flexible enough to withstand the constant flux that the roller-coaster of life brings & is based on a new solid sense of self. The Lunar Nodes journey through the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which began in March 2011, has taught us to expand our minds & consciousness & inspired us to bravely pursue our spiritual paths & quest for the truth. The inclusion of the Moon, Black Moon Lilith & asteroid Lilith in this formation allows us to re-connect with the dark feminine aspects of the self, thus intuition & psychic abilities could be heightened now too. Meditation & dream work would also help with this transitional phase, before the Nodes retrograde across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, just before the upcoming Blue Full Moon. The final influence of this powerful Grand Mutable Cross will also hopefully lead to the beginning of the manifestation of long held dreams into reality, once this final hurdle is overcome.