Thunder Full Moon

Thunder Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday 7th July 2009

10:23am BST ~ 5:21am EST

This months Full Moon took place at the time above with the Sun at 15 degrees Cancer & the Moon at 15 degrees Capricorn. As can be seen from the chart above, the Sun & Moon were making a loose conjunction with the North & South Node, which therefore makes this Full Moon a Penumbral (partial) Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the light of the Moon falls under the shadow of the Earth.

A Full Moon is considered to be a time of fruition of any projects which may have begun at the previous New Moon, or when any problems or issues that were raised at the time of the last New Moon will now reach a stage resolution or finalization. With a Lunar Eclipse, the energy of the Full Moon is intensified & relates to issues brought about during the previous Eclipse Cycle, which in this case, were the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on 26th January 2009 & the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 9th February 2009.  Therefore, the effects of this Eclipse Cycle will be felt until the next Eclipse Cycle which begins on 31st December 2009.

With the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, the focus will be on your professional work life & ambitions, your reputation & status in the outer world & your life purpose or mission. Your destiny in this lifetime may become clearer to you & you may be forced to make the necessary changes in your life in order to fulfil the life purpose you were destined to live & to reach your highest potential in the world. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is making a trine to the Moon & a sextile to the Sun. This is a very positive aspect, however it may manifest in such a way that it will feel like a great loss or even death, as you move from your previous existence to your new way of life. Be assured though, that Saturn will only cut away the ‘deadwood’ from your life in order to make room for new growth, which is more in alignment with your true self & will help you express your full potential in this life. Saturn may be seen as a hard-taskmaster & you may be tested beyond which you have previously experienced, however, with patience, perseverance & common sense, you will inevitably be able to learn & grow into a more positive expression of yourself, as is promised by the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

Another very interesting aspect being made during the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse is a conjunction between the Moon & Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, opposed by the Sun conjunct Asteroid Lilith in Cancer. In ancient Hebrew traditions, Lilith was considered to be the first wife of Adam, who was cast out & exiled from the Garden of Eden for demanding equality in her relationship & refusing to be submissive or subjugated by Adam. Lilith was then distorted & demonized by the patriarchal religions as being an evil winged demoness who preyed upon innocent people while they slept & gave birth to Succubus & Incubus. However, as with all Goddesses who were denounced & maligned by the patriarchs, the truth of Lilith story has been kept suppressed & hidden, therefore she represents all the deep shadow aspects of the Dark Feminine. Astrologically, Asteroid Lilith represents the part of her story where she is repressed, subjugated & demonized. She also represents where we may face rejection, resentment & anger as a result of being ‘cast out of Eden.’ With the conjunction to the Sun, Asteroid Lilith may bring up deep personal issues & situations in our life where we also face demonizaton & rejection, which in turn cause us great anger & resentment. We may have to break away from the situation that is causing us anger & be forced into exile & seclusion. On the other hand, Black Moon Lilith provides us with the resolution to the negative experiences brought about by Asteroid Lilith. If Asteroid Lilith can be considered to be the Maiden phase of her experience, than the Black Moon can be considered to be her Crone phase. Therefore, if Asteroid Lilith is where you receive a wound or are faced with rejection, then Black Moon Lilith represents how you can resolve the issues brought about by rejection or demonization & can be transformed from darkness into light & healed. With the conjunction with the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, Black Moon Lilith gives us the opportunity to cut away & transmute any false projections or pretensions & become more aligned with our true essential selves. Healing can be achieved through releasing the anger, pain & resentment caused by subjugation or rejection & through resurrection of the lost, rejected, shadow aspects of self, which in turn can help us to become a more whole & authentic version of ourselves. The lesson of Lilith is that of healing through death, transformation & rebirth, which is given extra added potency by the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

However, in order to become healed, you must first become aware of the wounds you may be carrying from this life or previous lives, as indicated by the conjunctions to the North & South Nodes. The energy of this Eclipse may bring awareness of these wounds to the surface in order to become healed. As the Earth’s shadow passes across the face of the Moon, so must we allow our shadows to pass before us so we are awakened & aware of the darkness we carry too. Please be assured though, that the Great Goddesses Luna & Lilith will only allow the wounds that you are able to deal with & heal to arise at this time & through using Her energies during this Eclipse Cycle, you can ensure your success in achieving healing & transformation from darkness into light.

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  1. Cam Munsadia Says:

    Hey! Cuz! …found this really interesting reading & could relate to it in many ways! …Keep it up, chick :o ) Luv n hugz, Cam xXx

  2. Jackie Says:

    Another fantastic chart. Can relate to many aspects main one being that I’ve been forced to turn my life upside down, change careers and follow a more spiritual path.
    Can’t wait for the next chart. Well done x

  3. dinu tailor Says:

    another comprhensive report… a lot of thought and effort ! well done!